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The SITE Foundation has allocated USD$20,000 for a project(s) to be delivered in 2025. The sum will be disbursed to one or spread over multiple organizations based on the individual merit of the applications received and evaluated by the assessment committee.
SITE Foundation’s mission is to raise funds to drive the business case for incentive travel & motivational experiences and support professional development within the industry.
In fulfilment of this goal, SITE Foundation will provide grants towards projects involving, but not limited to:
· Critical research
· Trend analysis
· Educational programming that elevates the skills of incentive travel professionals – this could include hiring a professional speaker for an event
· Access to SITE programs for those in financial need
· Access to sales, marketing and promotional platforms outside of the business events industry that help drive the business case for incentive travel
· Marketing and communications campaigns that highlight the value and transformational impact of incentive travel
· Initiatives at local, national, regional or global levels that advance the business case for incentive travel

Industry grant applications must be submitted between May 28 and July 16, 2024, for projects to be completed by the end of December 2025.

While applications should broadly support SITE Foundation’s mission, a strict scoring protocol will be used to evaluate the merits of each application – this may be found on the application form.
Industry grants are available to the business events / incentive travel industry at large but favorable weighting will be given to applications from SITE Chapters or business entities in developing regions.
All projects and initiatives that receive grant support must acknowledge this at all times by including SITE Foundation branding on all collateral and communications. 

SITE is the “I” in MICE and the only association dedicated exclusively to incentive travel and motivational events. All SITE events are built on three foundational pillars – learn, connect, discover – and are designed and delivered as authentic incentive travel programs highlighting the transformational power of reward and recognition initiatives based on extraordinary travel experiences.
All attendees at SITE events, whether they’ re buyers or suppliers, hosted attendees or partner sponsors are treated as incentive participants who experience the program as true qualifiers from pre-event communication to post-event evaluation.
SITE events bring incentive travel professionals to exceptional locations to learn, connect and discover.
Why this Form is Important
SITE works hard with our event partners to guarantee that our events offer leading-edge, relevant education, unparalleled, structured networking and deep destination discovery in both familiar or emerging locations.
To guarantee the value, integrity, and uniqueness of the event our partner sponsors invest significantly with SITE. That allows us to offer a truly motivational, incentive quality experience to all participants.
While we always endeavor to place you in your preferred program and destination, this application form does not guarantee selection and is subject to a final review. All selections are made to ensure the highest quality program for all participants and partners. Your responses should highlight your role, involvement and impact on direct program spend within your organization.

We are accepting applications for the for the following events:

  • Global Conference, Istanbul, Türkiye; February 26-29, 2024 - Deadline to apply is September 29
  • Incentive Summit Europe (ISE) – Deadline to apply is October 27
  • Incentive Summit America (ISA), St Johns, NL, Canada; July 15-18, 2024 – Deadline to apply is March 8
  • SITE Classic, Miami Beach, USA; September 9-12, 2024 – Deadlineto apply is May 3

All applications submitted after the event deadline will be included on the waitlist pending availability. 

Thank you for your interest in 2025 SITE Crystal Awards!
     Entries will be accepted for any incentive travel programs and campaigns held between:
1 July 2023 and 31 May 2024.
All applications are due by Friday, 2 August, 2024, at 11:59pm CT

IMPORTANT: The program must be a fully hosted incentive travel program with qualifying criteria that demonstrates business results. No “buy-in” or funding by participants whether partial or full is permitted. (Exception is optional tours)
Entry Fees
SITE members: $250 USD for first entry; $200 USD for additional entries.
Non-SITE members: $500 USD for first entry; $250 USD for additional entries.
     If paying by credit card or PayPal, you will be prompted to complete your payment before submitting your application. If you choose to pay by ACH/wire transfer, you will be sent an invoice via email 24hr after submitting your application from SITE@SITEglobal.com for your entry fee payment. Please note that submissions will not be marked complete until SITE receives full payment. We highly recommend that you use a credit card to expedite payment. We only accept payment in USD for Crystal Award entries.
Judging Criteria
     All entries are awarded points based on the criteria outlined in each specific category. There are 100 total points possible. Entries must receive at least an average of 85+ points to be eligible to win. If all entrants for a specific category do not meet the minimum point requirement, that category will not have a winner. There may be multiple winners per category.
     All entries are evaluated by a minimum of three judges. The panel of judges consists of reputable and experienced industry leaders in all disciplines, who remain anonymous until the Crystal Awards Ceremony.
     Please note, to ensure the transparent, impartial and fair judgment of all entries, name/company name/picture/logos must NOT appear anywhere on the entry. Applications displaying the applicant company name will be disqualified. Displaying the client’s name (end-user) anywhere on the application is permitted but is not mandatory.
     Please review your submission including all supporting documents (budget/photographs, PowerPoint, Video, etc.) to absolutely ensure your company name is not revealed. Each year there have been disqualifications due to a company name being revealed.

     This system is configured to automatically save your submission once you start the application.
     Please read all the application questions before entering your answers. Make sure that each of your answers provides new information about the program and avoid repetition. The Program Overview field is intended as a high-level summary of your program, while we will require more detail on specific aspects of the program in subsequent questions.
     Please make sure to upload as many photos and video files as you have. We recommend that you upload any video files to YouTube or Vimeo and provide links under the "Attachment" tab in your application. To share photography, please add your photos to a slideshow or a PowerPoint presentation, and upload only one file for all your photos.

  • Can we sign-up more than 1 program per category? Yes, you will need to complete the application payment for each submission. 
  • Can we include the same program in 2 different categories? Yes, here as well, and you will need to complete the application payment for each submission. 

1. Best Destination Based Experiential Incentive Travel Program
Purpose: The purpose of this category is to spotlight destinations that have done a truly effective job at hosting an incentive travel experience. Entries should highlight how the destination's infrastructure, history, culture, arts, gastronomy, etc. combine to deliver a unique, unrepeatable, world-class incentive experience. This category is open to entrants from all sectors of the incentive travel industry, Destination Marketing Organizations (DMOs) Convention & Visitors’ Bureau (CVBs), National Tourist Boards (NTBs), and Destination Management Companies (DMCs) are ideal entrants in this category.

2. Excellence in Incentive Travel:

  • Africa/Middle East
  • Asia Pacific
  • Europe
  • North America
  • Latin America & Caribbean

Purpose: The purpose of this category is to recognize outstanding organizations for their work in creating and delivering an exceptional incentive travel program that resulted in a high return on investment (ROI) to the corporate end-user. This category is open to entrants from all sectors of the incentive travel industry.  It is important to note that an entrant does not have to be based within the region for which they are submitting a program (e.g., an entrant from Asia Pacific can submit a program that takes place in Europe). Corporate organizers, Incentive Houses, and DMCs are ideal entrants in this category.

3. Best Destination Marketing Campaign
Purpose: The purpose of this category is to spotlight organizations that have done a truly effective job at marketing and promoting the incentive-readiness of a destination. Entries can feature print and digital campaigns and/or in-person activities such as educational/familiarization trips. This category is best suited to destination marketing organizations (DMOs) convention & visitors’ bureaus (CVBs), national tourist boards (NTBs), destination management companies (DMCs), media organizations, and/or marketing agency partners.

4. Most Impactful Effort Toward Corporate Social Responsibility as Part of an Incentive Program OR Most Environmentally Sustainable Incentive Experience
Purpose: The purpose of this category is to recognize organizations for their outstanding efforts in incorporating practices and principles of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) within an incentive travel program OR to recognize organizations for their extraordinary efforts in creating an exceptional incentive travel program, delivered with sustainable principles and practices. Corporate organizers, incentive houses, DMCs, hotels, special event planners, and production companies are ideal entrants in this category.

5. Most Creative Solution Deployed to Overcome Adversity
Purpose: The purpose of this category is to award incentive travel professionals and their organizations who display uncommon levels of innovation, creativity, and ingenuity in identifying solutions for the continuation, deployment, and implementation of incentive travel awards at a time of crisis. Such solutions may be deployed during travel advisories / bans, cancellation of air access / carrier, bankruptcy, etc. or may be in respect of overcoming logistical or operational challenges caused by extreme weather, civil unrest, illness, acts of terrorism, epidemics that occur either before or during program operations. They can also apply to situations involving negotiations in respect of attrition, postponement or cancellation, cost containment, cost mitigation, or emergency response pre-trip or onsite. Finally, it can apply to situations where an in-person incentive travel program is required to be fully or partially replaced by a virtual or hybrid event.

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